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The People In Need Foundation which is a well established NGO in Sri Lanka has many fascinating projects in Sri Lanka. The Community Centre (The Child and Youth Development Center) of PIN Foundation was officially inaugurated by the Minister of Social Affairs Mrs. Sumeda Jayasena on 25th March 2005. The Center is located in a 3.5 acre land in Boossa Village in the Galle District. The Child and Youth Development Center gives children the opportunity to revive and progress with their educational development aspects, provided without distraction. The impact of this project hinges greatly on both the actual and perceived integrity of the Donor or Sponsors for its continuity when such projects are implanted. Primary importance has to be given to the beneficiaries who are the affected children with no hope of a future. The significant implication of the Donor/ Sponsors relies upon the smooth running of this project.

1. Pre School
At the beginning of 2005, the preschool started off with over 50 Tsunami affected children. Most of these children have either lost one or both their parents due to the Tsunami. An extension of a new classroom was added in order to fulfill the increasing demand for the preschool plus more teachers were recruited to accomplish this task. The preschool consists of all the modern amenities. Now preschool cater for 100 poor children. These preschool children come from very poor social class. The preschool has 8 teachers who are qualified in teaching preschool children. Every year preschool conduct year end concert by the preschool children with participation of large number of gathering including parents. This event is very colorful with many items from preschool children. The academic achievement certificates are awarded to children who completed the preschool and leaving for primary school. Over 400 poor displaced children were given free preschool education upto 2008 by PINF.
2. Computer School
The Child and Development Center has taken several measures to build up education and promote skills of affected personal by providing them the opportunity to enhance their computer literacy with the aid of the Computer School. The Computer School has the biggest demand and has over 200 young village children and youth registered for Microsoft Office Course. Classes are held every day with 30 students attending to each class. Students range from ages 7 years to 17 years. Most of these children come from rural villages such as Boossa, Dolikanda, and Galkeminawa of the Galle District.
The academic achievement certificates were awarded to children who completed the computer course. Over 800 poor displaced youth and children were given free computer education upto 2008 by PINF.
3. English Training School
English is an essential part of the basic education. The Child and Youth Development Center has a Training program established to teach English to children. It gives them an opportunity to learn English at an early age. This is an important part of their early education. Over 100 children from the rural villages of the Galle district take advantage of this training course. PINF had large number of British and US volunteers helping English lessons. The academic achievement certificates were awarded to children who completed the English course. Over 800 poor displaced youth and children were given free English education upto 2008 by PINF.
4. Community Library

Establishment of a library helps the displaced children with their reference needs and develops their reading skills. The library consists of a large amount of books ranging from English, Religion, Science and Story Books. Large number of Tsunami children utilizes the facilities of the Library. The library consists of both Reference Library and the Lending Library which help the poor children in their education. Currently the library possesses 1800 books. Nearly 100 children from the rural villages of Galle district make use of these books. The Library is open to a community of more than 20,000 people living in the surrounding villages.
5. Community Health Centre
Community Health Centre of PINF in Boossa was opened soon after Tsunami.. This is one of the worst areas affected by the Tsunami Disaster. The PINF health team headed by Dr Asoka Jayasena commenced relief work soon after the disaster and assisted in the management and care of the sick and injured in their temporary homes. The people in these neglected villages are extremely poor and their nutritional status are very poor. The medical facilities are far away and they have no money for transport. There is little hope of support for the terminally ill and no access to palliative care.
It was the vision of Dr Asoka Jayasena chairman PINF to make steps to improve quality of life of the elderly and infirm also to assist in the support and care of the terminally ill in their own homes. The beneficiaries are from the lowest income group in Sri Lanka. The Center has a fully equipped Health Center which provides free medical facilities to poor people. Plus it’s been conducting Health Educational Programs which benefit large number of youths in Galle District and an immunization clinic for children. Also health centre conducts Childrens clinic,Health Education Programs, Counseling Patients and Psychological clinics.
6. Rosie May Childrens Home

Unbelievably, there are over 20 million homeless children in the world.
The Rosie May children’s home is a joint project by People In Foundation, Sri Lanka and the Rosie May Fund UK. The Rosie May Children’s home is an registered project of People In Foundation Sri Lanka and established and managed under the guide lines of Department of Probation and Child care of government of Sri Lanka. The children are allocated by the department of probation and child care of government of Sri Lanka.
The principle behind the Children’s Home project is to provide HELP.

HEALTH -Medical and Psychological help
EDUCATION- Ensuring Education
LIFE - Ensuring Life and Housing
PROTECTION -Parent and Child Protection

7. Art & Culture centre
PIN foundation is concerned in rebuilding the mentality of poor rural displaced children. Therefore as a result PIN have started training programs in “Traditional Dancing” Art and culture. . Most of the children are actively participating in the programs and everyone believes that these types of programs will help them to improve their hidden talents as well.

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