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--Tsunami 2004

On 26th of December 2004 massive Tsunami hit the shores of Sri Lanka whipping away everything, leaving behind lasting sorrow, emotional turmoil, and grief to deal with. The aftermath of the Tsunami disaster left an indelible imprint in the hearts and minds of thousand of Sri Lankan children living in the costal areas. Most of the victims were little children who lost either one or both their parents.

--Parentless Children
Millions of children around the world are growing up without one or both of their parents due to the impact of poverty, natural disaster and armed conflict. Children without parental care find themselves at a higher risk of discrimination, inadequate care, abuse and exploitation, and their well-being is often insufficiently monitored. Many children are placed in temporary shelters, where they receive less individual attention needed to grow to their full potential. Inadequate care environments can impair children's emotional and social development and leave them vulnerable to exploitation, sexual abuse and physical violence Therefore children without parental care need to be protected from discrimination, violence and abuse and should have full access to education and health care.
It is equally important for children to develop their skills, knowledge and participate in activities they revel in. These are crucial, particularly when parental care is not available. Children should be provided with opportunities to express their views and wishes with regard to their care arrangements. They need to be aware of their rights and helped to protect themselves from exploitation, abuse and the dangers of trafficking.

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