-"charity Begins at Home"
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--Our Chairman

Making a difference in a child’s life is one of the most honourable deeds a human being can do and Dr. Asoka Jayasena, the founder and the chairman of the PIN Foundation certainly deserves this credit. Dr Asoka Jayasena, a renowned senior consultant Ear Nose and Throat surgeon at Sri Jayawardenapura University hospital in Sri Lanka found a new mission in his life after the catastrophic tsunami on the 26th of December 2004. The deadly waves destroyed most of his village but spared his ancestral home in Boossa Sri Lanka which is now the centre for the PIN Foundation. Dr Jayasena not only received the poor displaced victims of Tsunami with utmost compassion but also gave them food and lodging. He went to the extent of hosting them indefinitely. He decided to draw up a long lasting programme for the welfare of the children orphaned by the tsunami. He decided to donate his residence for the benefit of these children. Dr. Asoka Jayasena’s home situated in 3.5 acres of land has now being converted to a Community centre and a orphanage.

Dr Asoka Jayasena, a renowned ENT surgeon entered the history books as the first person who set up a rehabilitation centre in his own home for the “little victims” of the massive Tsunami disaster. Thus proving “Charity begins at home”.

Dr. Asoka Jayasena set up a charitable foundation in order to help the hundreds of children who lost their family and homes to the tsunami. Helping children deal with the great loss and directing them to a better future is an extremely challenging task that requires a great deal of commitment. He established the People IN Need Foundation to give the support and encouragement necessary to create a better future for displaced children through providing them education, accommodation, social well-being and health. Talking about future goals and opportunities is inspiring, but reaching them is never an easy process. The path isn’t smooth. There are twists and turns and unexpected obstacles. Dr Jayasena strongly believes that if we are determined we can reach the goal.





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