-"charity Begins at Home"
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--About Us
People In Need Foundation Sri Lanka is a voluntary, non profit , privately funded, non-governmental organization serving the residential, vocational, and social needs of poor rural displaced needy children. People In Need Foundation is non religious, non ethnic dedicated to community development at grass root level. People In Need Foundation is committed to help the primary beneficiaries maximally. People In Need Foundation ( PINF) is registered under the Voluntary Social Service Organizations Act No. 31 of 1980 as amended by Act No. 8 of 1998 as a Voluntary Social Services/Non Governmental Organization and the Registrar on Companies as a Non Profit Organization.
-- Our Vision

Our vision is to teach and inspire needy children to fully realize their potential to reach their future goals through proper educational programmes by means of involving in relieving the suffering, saving lives and providing aid in a long-term recovery process for the most vulnerable and suffering children and to rehabilitate the homeless, parentless and displaced children.

-- Our Mission

Our Mission is to Enhance the basic rights to education for all the less privileged children affected by the natural and man made disasters; Enable equal opportunity to develop their skills, creativity, and abilities to accomplish academic heights; and Ensure their well being.

-- Our Chairman

Dr Asoka Jayasena, a renowned ENT surgeon entered the history books as the first person who set up a rehabilitation centre in his own home for the children affected by the massive tsunami disaster. Thus proving “Charity begins at home”.


-- Support PINF

our generous contribution can make a huge difference in the lives of children who are displaced and parentless. Be a part of this humanitarian mission. PIN Foundation support comes entirely from people who believe in us and our humanitarian mission.


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